Our Rebbe, the great Tzaddik and Gaon Harav Aharon Walkin Zt”l was a Torah giant. His love and care for every Jew was unprecedented. The Rebbe’s sensitivity and empathy for his Talmidim made him revered by all. He was always willing to help anyone in need, and respected each and every Jew, regardless of their stature in religion or cultural background. The Rebbe had an immeasurable amount of Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas Torah; a true Malach on this earth. He inspired so many lives, especially Bukharian Jews.The Walkin family are the descendants of giant Torah scholars going back three generations, starting with the Pinsker Rav to the present, Harav Aharon Walkin Zt”l.

The life of Rebbe should be a role model for all. Therefore, AK Studio Films in association with the Lev Aharon Foundation, brings you the life and ideals of the great Tzaddik and Gaon, Harav Aharon Walkin Zt”l, in a documentary film.

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The LEV AHARON FOUNDATION is a foundation designated to preserve the historical elements and continue the legacy of Harav Aharon Walkin Zatzal

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